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we're invited now into a time of rest, hibernation, inner quiet, settling in with each other and the deeper places inside


  Pesha Gerstier

Finally on my way to yes

I bump into

All the places Where I said no

To my life.

All the unintended wounds

The red and purple scars

Those hieroglyphs of pain

Carved into my skin and bones,

Those coded messages

That sent me down

The wrong street

Again and again.

Where I find them,

The old wounds

The old misdirections,

And I lift them

One by one

Close to my heart

And I say





 Our friend, Marshall Lyles, has muscular dystrophy. He suffers, he cares for others, and experiences what it is to walk in this world in this condition. He's doing something about it, about the language of it. I am so grateful. (You can scroll through slowly with the help of the arrows.)

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