a summer ripe with the potential for transformation, also rich in flowers and berries, and Nature's deep nourishment

A Parable

Gregory Orr


The stone strikes the body, because

that is what stones will do.

The wound opens after the stone’s kiss,

too late to swallow the stone.

The wound and the stone become lovers.

The wound owes its life to the stone

and sings the stone’s praises.

The stone is moved. At the stone’s center,

a red hollow aches to touch the wound.

The gray walls of its body tear open

and the wound enters to dwell there.



A stranger picks up the stone

with the wound inside and carries it

with him until he dies.

The Mothering Blackness

Maya Angelou

She came home running

       back to the mothering blackness   

       deep in the smothering blackness

white tears icicle gold plains of her face   

       She came home running


She came down creeping

       here to the black arms waiting

       now to the warm heart waiting

rime of alien dreams befrosts her rich brown face   

       She came down creeping


She came home blameless

       black yet as Hagar’s daughter

       tall as was Sheba’s daughter

threats of northern winds die on the desert’s face   

       She came home blameless

(c) Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind (2015).