At this time of deep challenge, we are sending warmth and tender care to all. May we find our way toward a more compassionate world together. 
Quite unexpectedly, all the classes for 2021 have filled.  We would be glad to put you on the waiting list since sometimes people's plans change after they sign up. It will also make you first on the list for 2022. Thanks to everyone for your interest in and dedication to this work!

Nurturing the Heart

with the Brain in Mind

Welcome to Nurturing the Heart!


In a world where distraction has become the norm and we are often challenged by living in fearful times, we need spaces and relationships that offer safety and connection. Warm, responsive bonds nourish and strengthen our embodied and relational brains. We are supported and healed by one another’s presence through every stage of life.


Our programs rest on the foundational wisdom of Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Iain McGilchrist, Steve Porges, Lou Cozolino, and others. In response to what they have offered, we seek to cultivate spaces in which healing relationships can be fostered while we study and seek to embody the principles of interpersonal neurobiology.  We have found that attending to left hemisphere learning while offering right hemisphere experiences supports personal healing and expands our capacity for presence. And from this, arises greater depth of understanding and compassion for one another.


All are welcome. Therapists, healthcare professionals, teachers, bodyworkers, attorneys, a poet, and an air traffic controller have participated in our trainings. We offer experiences in several flavors – monthly study groups for those who live nearby, group/individual consultations via phone or Skype for those at a distance, 3-day workshop/retreats, and year-long immersion trainings. As we study together, we find that interpersonal neurobiology offers us a shift of perspective that nourishes our daily lives as much as our work. We look forward to sharing this with you.


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