A moving intergenerational workshop in Austin. 

Trainings in Interpersonal Neurobiology for practitioners of color.

A Touch Drawing Class.

Beautiful offerings for your sand tray, just below:

Georgia Mann, Olander Earthworks, Debbie Berrow

Nourishing Resources

     for studying interpersonal neurobiology

      for furnishing your sand tray shelves

      for special events and healing support,                     near and far

      for gentle support in embodying 

             nonjudgmental presence

Bonnie's Books, A Reading List, A Trio of Podcasts, and a Meditation

Heart of Trauma and Being a Brain-Wise Therapist are now available on Audible, beautifully narrated by Leslie Howard.

An Interpersonal Neurobiology reading list here


A ShrinkRapRadio interview with Bonnie and Dr. Dave here

and a podcast with Jayson Gaddis here

A podcast with Kelly Deutsch about neuroscience and contemplation, "The Neuroscience of Presence" here

My good friend Dorsey Cartwright and her colleague Wendy Byrd offer a heart-healing opportunity for parents and their adult children, the

"Generations Dialogue Workshop"

in Austin, Texas.  Their transformative work is touching families with healing and new depths of connection.  For the next workshop, click here.

Miniatures and sand open our wordless inner worlds into visible form. For 20 years, we have been privileged to see healing unfold as fingers work the sand and unexpected scenes appear.


If this work draws you, here are some resources for imagining the kinds of images you will need and then finding them - from good quality/less expense to works of art/more expense. To the right is a sample of images from my collection. And just below are the magical works of three artists creating unique images for healing.


You can click or touch the arrows to reveal the images.

Cement faces and spheres from Olander Earthworks

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Exploring Touch Drawing for Healing and Deep Inner Connection
with Shemaya Blauer
Shemaya has used this process as a primary guide for many years and delights in sharing it with others. When there are no words to express our inner life, Touch Drawing becomes a doorway into a deeper sense of who we are and what is stirring inside.
The flyer for the current class beginning in January is here.
List of materials needed is here.

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My dear friends and colleagues, Danette Gillespie-Otto and Marc Otto, offer  unique IPNB-rich workshops for People of Color both here in Portland and in other cities as well. Their work addresses racism with the clarity and compassion born of personal experience and deep study of relational neuroscience. Marc also offers workshops regarding racism for white humans. You can find their work on their websites - Danette and Marc.

Meditation for Presence with Bonnie Bade
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The Myth of Self-RegulationBonnie Badenoch - Sounds True
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Symbol-laden porcelain beauty

from Georgia Mann

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Earthy goodness from

Debbie Berrow

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